Papa Felicity Keepsake Ornament

$ 85.00
$ 85.00


Limited Edition Holiday Collectibles

Introducing Jingle Nog ornaments at Fig & Dove. These unique designer European glass Christmas ornaments are designed in New York and beautifully handcrafted in Italy and Poland.  These will be your absolute favorite Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree or to give that special person in your life.  

  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Santa Claus Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Special Limited Edition Hand Painted Green Vine and Bird Patterned White Coat Santa Claus Ornament
  • Unique Collectible Keepsake Holiday Décor Santa Ornament Trimmed with Czech Crystals and Gold Tassel
  • 7″

The Papa Felicity Story

A divine happy embrace, is filled with light, warmth and grace.
Papa Felicity, your benevolent nature creates, a weightless and welcoming place.
Like your twin bliss who is ever moving, your stay is fleeting, so we await your next greeting, seeking the peace found in our meetings.
Then once again found, we wish to never move on.
In the haloed glow of your presence, we hope to always remain and belong.
Papa Felicity Keepsake Ornament
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