What is your Monogram Style?


Adding a monogram to your Christmas stockings and wreath sashes adds the personal touch to those items that creates a true heirloom. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to choose the right font, placement, and color that best fits your aesthetic- not to mention when choosing for someone else when it's a gift!

We looked to author Kimberly Schlegel Whitman and her book, Monograms at Home, to help us create a monogram style guide, which features all of our monogram styles and which monogram we believe coordinates best with each product- all while following proper monogram etiquette.

Traditional Three-Letter Monogram

The traditional Three-Letter Monogram is comprised of three letters starting with the individual's first initial, followed by the individual's LAST initial in a larger font size, and finished with the individual's middle initial. This monogram style can be used for adults and children, as well as both men and women.

This is the most popular monogram style and is probably what you see the most- especially on our website! It's a way to designate ownership in an elegant and stylish way. The Traditional Three-Letter Monogram looks best on our...

-Christmas Stockings
-Individual Bath Linens- a great way to designate towels among family members!
-Baby Heirlooms Blankets & Gifts

Man's Monogram

The Man's Monogram is a variation of the Traditional Three-Letter Monogram. It is comprised of a man's first initial, followed by his middle initial, and finished with his last initial. In this monogram style, all three letters are the same size. 

The Man's Monogram is the most popular monogram style for barware, but we like to use this style on...
-Baby Boy Heirloom Blankets & Gifts
-Christmas Stockings for the men of the house, while the females use the Traditional Three-Letter Monogram (that is, if you want to change things up!)
-Men's Bath Linens

Couple's Monogram

The couple's monogram is comprised of the wife's first initial, followed by the couple's LAST initial in a larger font, and finished with the husband's first initial. 

Proper etiquette states that this monogram style isn't supposed to be used until after the couple is married, but we like to bend the rules a little. We commonly receive customer requests for this monogram to be used for...
-Bridal Showers- to put the monogram on a wreath sash~and then a wreath~ to welcome guests upon entering the front doors of the venue
-Weddings- again, to put the monogram on a wreath sash and drape over pews to signify reserved family pews during the ceremony
-Wedding Gifts

Double Name Monogram 

The Double Name Monogram is comprised of the individual's first two initials stacked, followed by the individual's LAST initial in a larger font size, and finished with the individual's middle initial. This monogram style is appropriate for individuals with a double name, or for women who have opted to keep both their middle and maiden names.

Here at Fig & Dove, this monogram style is treated the same as all other monogram styles, meaning it can be perfectly monogrammed on any of our products. 

Two-Letter Monogram 

The Two-Letter Monogram is comprised of an individual's first initial, followed by the individual's last initial. Both letters are the same size.

The Two-Letter Monogram looks perfect on our...
-Christmas Stockings- if you want to change things up, opt for a Two-Letter Monogram instead of the Traditional Three-Letter. Or, this style is used for individual's who don't have a middle name. 
-Wreath Sashes- can be stacked 

Single-Letter Monogram 

Traditionally, the Single-Letter Monogram is used by unmarried individuals who display their first initial in the monogram. But, at Fig & Dove, we most often monogram the individual's last initial because it represents the family's last name.
Customers use their family's last initial on...
-Wreath Sashes
-Bath Linens in the Powder Room
-Baby Heirloom Blankets & Gifts- a great gift for a baby gender reveal!

Full Name Monograms

Full Name monograms are dependent on the item being monogrammed and the font style. Most often, our customers request nicknames (i.e. Millie) or their pet's name (i.e. Wally).
Full names can be monogrammed on our...
-Oversized Christmas Stockings- the individual's first name
-Tree Skirts- the family's last name 

Below, we have listed all of our monogram font styles that we offer on all of our products.

Monograms are a way to express your creativity, so our monogram style guide should only give you guidance when choosing a monogram. Although we have monogram styles and fonts for you to choose from, we can do custom monograms. If you have any questions regarding custom monograms, please email us at info@figanddove.com. 

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