• Maker's Edition Part 2: The Meaning Behind the Stockings

      Here’s a little secret in interior design - the last 10% of decorative accessories is really what makes a home look beautiful, finished, and well-curated. Those accessories are really what personalize a home, BUT those special objects are often the most difficult to find. Beyond knick-knacks on bookshelves, I truly feel that Christmas decorating falls into that last 10%. All of the artisans...
  • Maker's Edition Part 1: The Story Behind the Stockings

    Maker's Edition Part 1: The Story Behind the Stockings
    As “makers,” we get so many questions about our brand and product. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at our brand, our product, and our process in a series of 3 blogs (this one’s the first!) from our founder, Colleen Waguespack. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how and why we developed this line of luxury Christmas items, here’s your chance! As...
  • Fig & Dove Travel Guide: Lima, Peru

    Fig & Dove Travel Guide: Lima, Peru
    We did all the research and taste testing so you don't have it! Check out our top 5 must see's, do's and eat's in Lima. Visit Museo Larco Whether you’re a history buff or you just love a good garden cafe, Museo Larco is a must. Trust us when we tell you to set aside 4-6 hours.. but really you’ll probably want to lounge in...
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