Accessory Spotlight- Fresh Garland


It’s never too early to start thinking about how to incorporate fresh greenery into your holiday décor. It is one of the oldest holiday traditions and a great way to add a natural scent to your home! 

In a previous 
blog post, Elle with Gracious Garland shared tips about how she measures for fresh garland for a dining room table, staircase and mantle.  For the next two weeks, Gracious Garland is offering 10% off all holiday orders to Fig & Dove customers with the code Figanddove10.  You can pre-order now for a late November delivery date.  Let's Deck the Halls!  

     "When measuring for a stairwell, 
 always measure from the ground to the top of the railing, all the way up the railing and then back down to the ground. I add about one foot per "swag" if I'm planning to swag the garland on the way up the bannister and not affix it right on top. This will assure you have enough to work with and if you have extra, there's always a place for a little extra garland on a bar cart, coffee table or entryway table."   -Elle with Gracious Garland.

When working on photoshoots or when helping clients style for the holidays, Fig & Dove's Founder and Interior Designer, Colleen has some of the best tricks when it comes to making your garland look its best. 

"I always use pipe cleaners to hold pieces together as well as fasten the garland to the banister!  They can hold a lot of weight and do not scratch the finish of the banister.  I also like to add to the base of the garland by threading in another layer of something local or an accent color using floral wire. I generally finish off all connecting points with loose ribbon and a tassel or bauble for a pop of color!   -Colleen Waguespack



And don't forget your mantle! Once the stockings are hung with care, don't forget the garland and maybe a pear!  For this task, Colleen likes to start with two separate pieces- that way both sides hang down symmetrically.  

"For the mantle, I measure from the ground, to the top, across/over and back down to the ground. If I want to swag it a little in the front, I may account for an extra foot or just let it not touch on the ground on either side, hovering just above."  Elle 

Gracious Garland also has a beautiful selection of fall and holiday wreaths that pair beautifully with a number of our monogrammed wreath sashes, especially our longer/wider ivory monogrammed wreath sash and reversible speckled one.   

"Tis the Season!  

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