Artisan Collaboration: Cesoli Belts


At Fig & Dove, we love introducing our customers to beautifully designed, artisan-crafted items. We are thrilled to collaborate with Cesoli Belts to create a gorgeous Fig & Dove belt buckle. 

Cesoli is a collection of intricate belt buckles and reversible belts designed by Liz Dey and Larson Cobb. Inspired by their grandmother and her use of accessories, the sister duo says creativity is at the heart of everything they do. Each buckle is designed to honor beauty, nature and strong female role models. Liz and Larson are “passionate about creating personal and intentional products that are easy to wear and empower women to express who they are with confidence.” Each design is created for customers to “love, live in, and pass on for generations.” 

After seeing Cesoli Belts on Sue Sartor’s social media, Colleen asked Liz to meet for coffee while visiting Washington D.C. Sharing ties to the D.C. area and hearts for creating timeless treasures, the pair hit it off and began the process of designing a belt buckle specifically for Fig & Dove. 

As with each Cesoli buckle, the Dove Buckle was designed in-house and began as a hand-drawn sketch. The silhouette was inspired by Picasso’s Dove of Peace, the emblem for the First International Peace Conference in Paris in 1949. This has been an inspiration for the Fig & Dove brand from the beginning, so we were thrilled to incorporate it into our Cesoli Belt buckle design. 

The Dove Buckle is luminous gold plated and can be styled as the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. The buckle is interchangeable and can be worn on any 1.25-inch or smaller belt. Whether purchasing for yourself or giving as a gift the sentiment of the dove makes this belt a perfect reminder of peace and hope each time you get dressed! 

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