In Trying times, Continue to Have Hope


So much has happened this last week.  But one thing remains the same- in moments like these, we can unify and come together to help those in need.  Here are a few suggestions:

Support small businesses.  The restaurants, gyms, and small retail stores in your community are hurting. Consider purchasing a gift card now to use at a later date.  You know you will be so ready!
Be social-from a distance!  This doesn't mean gathering in crowds; just pick up the phone.  Call a friend or two to check on them. Host a virtual happy hour with your girls via Skype or Facetime.  We can still stick together, even when we must be apart. 

Check on your neighbors.  Especially the elderly and offer to pick up supplies or help with food delivery.   Even saying hi through the window might brighten their day. 

Enjoy your time at home.  While stuck at home, bring in some flowers from your yard, light a candle, play some music, or set a pretty table.  Haven't we all wished for more quiet time at home at some point?

Thank those on the front line.  The doctors, nurses, first responders are truly the warriors in this battle.  Check on them, thank them, and let them know how appreciative we all are.  

Shop online Amazon is hiring up to 100,000 employees to meet their demands.  Let's not let the giant corporations be the only ones to feel an uptick in sales.  Support your online small businesses too. At Fig & Dove, we are open for business and working around the clock to get your online orders and custom inquiries taken care of.   Need a gift for a friend's birthday or other event? We will gift wrap, include your message and ship to their front door!  Use the code March20 for free shipping for the rest of the month.  

Doves are the right sentiment for so many occasions, which is why we named our company Fig & Dove.   Sending everyone a message of peace, hope, and love from the girls at Fig and Dove.

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