Fall Floral Styling with Forage


Fall inspired florals bring to life the beautiful and unique colors of the season. To create this stunning centerpiece, we looked to local florist, Meredith Cooper, with Forage to help us create an artistic floral arrangement to fill our signature hurricane vase. Partnering with Meredith was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with another local (and talented) female entrepreneur.  

Here is what Meredith has to say about creating this look:  

I love fall flowers because they really mark the close of the summer and the beginning of warmer colors and cooler days. In Louisiana, dahlias grow from summer into fall, and incorporating them into the gorgeous vase by Fig and Dove was my major inspiration. From there, I thought about what grasses and foliages would make a summer-into-fall-growing-flower feel autumnal. Some of my favorite textures come from grasses and dried elements, so tucking them in to accentuate the large blooms while giving a traceable line throughout the piece seemed just right. Fresh flowers will never go out of style, and using seasonal, locally grown flowers whenever possible is one of the most rewarding parts of my job! As a small business owner and floral designer, I value taking time to create unique pieces that my customers can envision in their homes. This collaboration with Fig and Dove was an opportunity for me to create a piece that I would love to see translated and incorporated into each and every home or office. You cannot go wrong with this vase filled with beautiful fresh flowers! When designing, pick out a flower you love, and then work around that element. Think about fall colors and the feeling you get when that first cool breeze blows through your hair in late September. Draw your inspiration from those thoughts of autumn and you won't go wrong!         

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