Fig & Dove Holiday Tastemaker Series-Introduction


Where are you from? 

New Orleans, La

Favorite new item for Christmas 2020 in the line? 

I’m so excited about our acrylic tassels- they are a perfect fit for us because they are a fun introduction as a Christmas ornament, but they are also a beautiful item you can hang in so many places in your house year round.  I’ve always loved the concept of of a decorative tassel hanging from a key in a chest but didn’t have a source for one that looked “current”.  The combination of ombre silk threads and acrylic beads gives an antique piece the same lift that our acrylic stocking holders give to a needlepoint stocking.

Go-to Hostess gift for the holidays?

Olive oil with a small acrylic dove tied to it with beautiful ribbon.  Everyone can use a good bottle of olive oil and unlike wine, you don’t have to worry about red vs white and what seems like the appropriate price point.

Whose closet do you dream of raiding? 

Kate Middleton- and I don’t even dress like her, but I love all of her clothes.  I can’t wait until stockings make a comeback- don’t everyone die!  Kate clearly looks like a million bucks in them, so why aren’t we all wearing them already? 

What is your favorite podcast? 

I can’t deny my self taught MBA has come from “How I Built This” by Guy Raz and I love Business of Home for all of the valuable insight on the behind the scenes of the Interior Design Business

Most recently read book?

I The Great Blue Hills of God by Kreis Beall, the co-founder of Blackberry Farm- a book I highly recommend! I have asked every woman around me to read it and am looking forward to several thoughtful conversations on how we can apply these valuable lessons learned to our own lives.

Beauty product you can’t live without?

Neutrogena cleansing towelettes- I should have invested! It’s basically the adult version of a baby wipe which I also used way after I had babies. I clean furniture, my car, stains off clothes, you name it. They are genius because they have just the right amount of soap to take a light stain out, but don’t ball up the way a paper towel would.

Favorite part of working at Fig & Dove?

Mostly the people- the women in my office, our customers who send installation pictures, share ideas and give us feedback, the chance to travel more and network with other entrepreneurs throughout the country.

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