Fig & Dove- Preparing for the Season


Yesterday marked one week until the beginning of Advent, a four-week period of the Liturgical year in which Christians spiritually prepare for the coming of Jesus into the world.  The word Advent means ‘Coming’ in Latin and the lighting of four candles, one per week, beginning on Sunday evening is a beautiful tradition centered around the family table.

This year in particular, we have all spent more time with family and at home, so there is no better time to really talk about the meaning of these four weeks and to add a fresh wreath and advent candles as a centerpiece to your nightly table.  We have your candles wrapped and ready to ship along with acrylic holders that are useful long after the Christmas season. 
Many blessings this holiday season!

The Meaning Behind the Four Advent Candles. 
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Week one: This is the Candle of HOPE
Week two: This is the Candle of PEACE
Week three: This is the Candle of LOVE
Week four: This the Candle of JOY 

This is a 
beautiful tradition to help each member of your family remember the true meaning of the Christmas season, and why we celebrate. 

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