Holiday Tastemaker: Nicole Letts


In anticipation of the holiday season, Fig & Dove is excited to bring back its Holiday Tastemaker Series! We are pleased to introduce Nicole Letts as our final tastemaker of the 2022 Holiday series. 

Nicole is a writer and social media maven based in Atlanta with a heart for preserving the past, monogrammed linens, the healing power of chocolate, fresh flowers in mint julep cups, glass-bottle Cokes and Augusta National pimento cheese! Her stories of inspiring Southern businesses and residents can be found in publications such as AAA Alabama Journey, Atlanta Magazine, Fodor’s, Good Grit, Modern Luxury and Southern Living. When not writing, Nicole runs Grandmillennial Shop an antique resale store born from her fascination for the items of the past. 

Q & A 

What is your favorite entertaining secret, trick or specialty during the holiday season?

I always have frozen cranberries in my freezer to add to cocktails, champagne, or white wine. They are a festive way to keep drinks cold without watering them down!

What is your go-to hostess gift? 

For me, I like to be as personal with my hostess gifts as possible. Whether that's selecting a Bauble Stocking for my mother-in-law to thank her for hosting a grand meal, or a deliciously fragrant candle for a friend, it's important for me to think specifically about what the hostess might want to receive and use. For those people I don't know quite as well, I usually keep a few ornaments on hand to add to a nice bottle of wine. 

What recipe do your family and friends look most forward to each holiday season?

My holiday memories are filled with food. My grandmother's gumbo on Christmas Eve with her garlic cheese as an appetizer. My mom's sausage balls on Christmas morning. The honey glazed ham and sour cream potatoes at dinner. Even though I tend to vary my menu each year, all of that nostalgia helps me create a similar feeling for my family each season. A go-to recipe that I am known for among my friends is my corn dip. It is truly a crowd-pleaser that can be served for any occasion. 

Nicole's Corn Dip:

Combine all ingredients. Microwave or bake at 350 until hot. Serve with corn chips of your choice. 

- 1 can of white corn, drained

- 1 can of white & gold corn, drained

- 1 can of Rotel, drained 

- 1 block of cream cheese, softened 

- garlic powder, cumin, and red pepper to taste 

What is the one tradition you and your family talk about the most? 

Stockings are a BIG deal in our house. Growing up, the very best gifts were located inside of our stockings, and that's a tradition I've carried into adulthood for my husband and I. The secret to a good stocking is to fill the toe with citrus (oranges for my husband and grapefruit for me). Next comes a sprinkle of our favorite candy and a few practical items (such as socks). Then, you layer in the good stuff such as a bottle from his Bourbon wish list or a new piece of jewelry for me. Books! Golf balls! Special trinkets! We always save stockings for last, and they're filled to the brim which is why the Fig & Dove stocking holders are my absolute favorite. I own five of them, and they're the ONLY stocking holder that can hold our robust stockings. 

What brings you the most joy during the Christmas season? 

Spending time at home with loved ones (and my dog!). I love getting gussied up for parties, but at the end of the day, I really just want the fire blazing, the Christmas lights twinkling, and to be watching my favorite holiday movies such as Meet Me in St. Louis or The Family Stone with my husband. 

Fig & Dove Favorites 

I've already shared how much I love my stocking holders! Santa and I cannot live without them! From the 2022 holiday catalog, I have my eyes on:

The Holiday Shimmer Eucalyptus Branches My mantel is one of the first things you see when you walk into my home, so it's a focal point for me. I am a faux greenery girl all the way, and I prefer shimmer over sparkle. These eucalyptus branches would be a great addition to this season!

Set of 6 Gold Glass Ornaments The Christmas tree in my house is filled with traditional holiday colors like green, red, silver, and gold. I can already see these catching the lights on my tree or even tied into my mantel garland. 

Lauren Dunn Acrylic Good News Angels One of my most prized collections is my art collection. I have spent years curating colorful art around my home, and I can see these angels fitting in perfectly in my home. The colors remind me so much of my house. I love these for my kitchen, especially where I have a huge collection of art on a gallery wall. 

Cesoli Belt x Fig & Dove Besides making my home beautiful for the holiday season, it's also important to me that I have fun with my fashion, too. I have a full-length sequin duster that I wear to the grocery store...because I can. I've long admired Cesoli (in fact, a belt is on my Christmas list!). I can see this dove buckle paired with one of my Sue Sartor dresses for the ultimate holiday hostess outfit. 

All is Calm Bauble Stocking What's not to love about the Bauble Stocking tradition?! Besides having written about Kate a few times for various magazines, I love that Bauble Stockings, like Fig & Dove, represent timeless holiday traditions. I'd love to use a few All is Calm baubles on my holiday table to hold flatware or to serve as place cards for guests. How fun would that be?!

Shop Nicole's favorites now!

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