How to Care for a Wreath Sash


One of our customers' most frequent questions is how to properly care for a Wreath Sash. Fig & Dove Wreath Sashes are made from 100% Cotton Sateen, making them perfect for freshening up dry, covered outdoor spaces or using indoors.

Wreath Sash Care Instructions

  1. Remove the sash from the wreath and shake off any debris or dirt.

  2. Use double-sided or packing tape to dab any visible dirt or stains. With this step, it is important not to rub the stains or dirt as this could smear them and make them harder to remove. 

  3. To avoid shrinking, color fading and pilling, we recommend sending our Wreath Sashes to a dry cleaner. 

  4. After cleaning, re-tie the sash on your wreath or fold it and store for future usage.

Watch our tutorial. 

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