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Often times, we want to reach out to those who are grieving but question how and when to best show our sympathy. The simple answer: a) always do something, and b) remember, it is never too late to express your condolences. Fig & Dove has curated a collection of symbolic, meaningful gifts to send a message of hope when words are challenging to find, along with a few tips to reference during times of grieving. 

"Do Something" | Our Mantra In Times of Hardship 

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg - one of Colleen's favorite reads - is a powerful, inspiring, and practical book about building resilience and moving forward after life’s inevitable setbacks. One of Colleen's greatest takeaways from Sandberg's Option B was to always do something. The worst thing you can do when a loved one is grieving a loss or facing some form of adversity is to do nothing. Consolation and condolence can feel a bit awkward, but this feeling does not compare to the emotions and struggles your loved one is facing. So, rather than getting caught up in the how and when, it is important that we remember to do something, and that it is never too late to do so. Whether it is sending a beautiful, thoughtful gift, cooking a meal, writing a card or sending flowers - messages, gestures and gifts from the heart go a long way, and your loved ones will forever be appreciative. 

The Cardinal 

The cardinal symbolizes lost loved ones, and serves as a gentle reminder that we are always in the presence of those that have gone before us. The significance of a cardinal is powerful, which is why it makes a perfect gift that speaks for itself when words just don't measure up. Since introducing our Acrylic Cardinal to our collection, we have been told by our customers time and time again that they were buying it as a gift for a grieving friend or family member. 

Sympathy Gift Ideas 

Gift an acrylic cardinal to someone who has lost a friend or family member, and include one of our acrylic ornament stands. Your recipient can use the attached brass hook on the back of the cardinal to hang it on the decorative ornament stand and beautifully display it in their home. 

Use the attached brass hook to hang the cardinal on a floral arrangement or potted plant. This is a simple gesture that can brighten someone's day and breathe life into their space during dark times. 

The right words can be difficult to find in a time of loss. We created Cherry Blossom and Tea Stained Cardinal Cards to help bring beauty and hope during hard times. Beautiful enough to frame as a special piece of art with a blank inside for you to include a personal note, recipients can treasure this card and remember the sentiment behind it.


Photographs are a way to remember those who have passed. An Acrylic Photo Frame makes an excellent gift for displaying cherished memories with our loved ones. If you choose to also include one of our Tea Stained Cardinal Cards in this gift, the double-sided, 5x7 frame will allow you to display a photograph on one side and the beautiful artwork of the card on the other!


Lauren Dunn acrylic art pieces are another meaningful way to gift during a time of grieving. Acrylic Red or Blue Bird Plant Sticks are a lasting symbol of passed loved ones to display in potted plants for years to come. The Blue Everlasting Love Acrylic Cross is a beautiful cross with a soft pastel blue finish. This cross stands on its own or there is also a hole on the top of the cross for hanging as an everyday reminder of those we love. 

For any of these wonderful gift options, the Fig & Dove team is happy to gift wrap your item and include your personal message. 

How To Write A Sympathy Card

The key to sympathy cards, unless it’s a really close friend, is to keep it short and sincere. The grieving party is probably not ready for anything more than that. Your purpose in writing a sympathy card is not to console, but to simply give your condolences. We looked to Dallas blogger Lee Cordon of DoSayGive, who shares the following tips and example of how to write a proper sympathy note.

Here are things that a proper sympathy card should say:

- Give sympathy for the loss of their loved one
- Acknowledge what a special person he/she was
- If possible, recall a memory of this person
- As generic as it might be, remind them they are in your thoughts or prayers.

Need an example? Here’s one:

Dear Julie, I am so sorry about the passing of your sweet father. My heart just breaks for you and your family. I know you and your dad shared a special bond, with memories you will carry for the rest of your life. You will be in my prayers during this difficult time. Love, (Sign name)

Show your love and support to a friend or family member who is grieving. Shop the Sympathy Collection, and send them a gift from the heart that they will cherish and appreciate deeply. 

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