The Inspiration behind our Wreath Sash


We often get asked about our Wreath Sash and the origins of its design.  Did you know the inspiration came from the sashes worn on papal vestments from the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum?  When our Founder and Creative Director, Colleen Waguespack, visited the exhibit two years ago, she knew instantly that its simplicity was the perfect finish to adorn a wreath.   

Making a good first impression at your home always starts with the front door.  It allows you to incorporate your personal style and add flair. At Fig & Dove we look for effortless ways to add seasonal décor and found tying a knot in a wreath sash preferable to the fuss of creating a symmetrical bow.


This year we introduced the Mardi Gras wreath sash and the Laurel Wreath Monogram sash to our wreath sash collection. For a wreath sash that can be used throughout the year,  we also offer a single monogram in an array of designer selected fonts and colors.  In addition to that, we have a selection of silver and gold metallic fabrics with coordinating table runners. 

Stay tuned... we have a special designs up our sleeve for this summer (maybe a special purple and gold themed wreath as a nod to our hometown team ;) and a limited-edition wreath sash in collaboration with a well-known abstract artist. 

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