The Time is Now for a Bathroom Refresh

By now, we have spent more time at home than we ever thought possible, and it’s hard not to look around and see things in a new light. Home improvement projects that were once easy to ignore are finally getting done! The closets are all organized, fresh flowers planted, and now is the time to focus on a few upgrades.  
This is the perfect opportunity to refresh items in your home that have gotten a little run down, such as your bath towels! If they were already on their last legs before quarantine, the daily washing and extra use due to everyone being home are taking it to a new level. Our spa-inspired palette of white and dove gray towels come with a selection of personalized monograms that will add new life to your home immediately and take you back to the days of travel.  
In the meantime, enjoy the break from our former hustle-bustle, relax knowing the Tupperware drawer is organized (for now!), and take a long hot bath!
Shop our Monogrammed Towel Collection here.




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