L'avant Collective Luxury Home Essentials Bundle - Fresh Linen
Experience the ultimate in luxury with our exclusive Luxury Home Essentials Bundle. Combining an elegant lucite tray with our customer favorite scrub brush, high performing dish soap, delicate hand soap, and a multipurpose cleaner, this set will give any kitchen instant...
$ 160.00
L'avant Collective Hand Soap Refill - Bergamot
Experience a luxurious wash with our High Performing Hand Soap Refill in the Blushed Bergamot scent. Notes of bergamot, orange blossom, amber and cedar come together for a captivating aroma that leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed. Our eco-friendly...
$ 40.00
L'avant Collective Dish Soap Refill - Fresh Linen
We made our glass bottles beautiful for a reason: not only to look stylish on your counter, but to be refilled for an elevated addition to your eco-luxe home. This dish soap refill is a luxurious, plant-based cleaning solution, offering concentrated...
$ 28.00
L'avant Collective Hand Soap Refill - Fresh Linen
   This luxury, eco-friendly hand soap refill is composed of a blend of carefully chosen, plant-based ingredients, delivering a luxurious experience that is gentle and refreshing. Packed with powerful cleaning agents, it will leave your hands looking and feeling clean...
$ 40.00
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