Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, 7.5'

$ 750.00
With Pot :
$ 1,025.00


The most realistic Fiddle Leaf Fig tree

The 7.5' single-trunk Fiddle Leaf Fig tree has realistic large leaves of varied sizes on branches that are wired for effortless shaping of this striking tree. With 104 leaves, more  than similar trees offered by others, this is a beautiful and effortless tree for home or business interiors. The leaves have lifelike veining and shape, and are attached to an artificial trunk, potted into a 13" nursery pot.  You can also order with a Gray pot.  

When ordering with pot:  This round fiberglass pot has a modern tapered shape and is constructed of study but lightweight fiberglass, with a hole for water drainage. When purchased with one of our trees or plants, we will fill the pot to "fit" the tree or plant, for easy installation.

Leaf sizes include: 13”L x 9.5”W, 11”L x 8.5”W, 9”L x 6”W, and the smallest are 7”L x 5”W.

**Shipping costs average $125, but are determined by your zip code and will be sent in a separate invoice.  

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