5 Fresh Places to Hang Wreaths


We're sharing our favorite 5 places to hang wreaths that aren't the front door. Give your home a fresh look this holiday season by hanging your wreaths, fresh or faux, in one of these places!

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Layered Over a Mirror

Photo by At Home Arkansas

We love a good antique mirror, and we love to decorate them for the holidays! Adding a wreath to your decorative mirrors is an easy way to tastefully decorate throughout your home. We like to add our Silver or Gold Grain Wreath Sashes to our Faux Boxwood Wreaths and hang them in our dining room - the metallic color of these sashes complements our china and silver beautifully!

On the Back of Dining Room Chairs

Instead of traditional place cards on your table, assign guests' seating at your next dinner party by adorning your dining room chairs with miniature wreaths and attaching handwritten place cards inside the wreath. Adding in a Small Acrylic Dove Ornament or Small Acrylic Cardinal Ornament would give each guest a meaningful favor to take home with them at the end of the evening.

Woven Through a Chandelier

Weave fresh greenery through your dining room chandelier to create a wreath. Sprinkle in small decorative ornaments hung with thin ribbon for an added touch. We love to use our Small Acrylic Stars this way - just flip the star upside down and use the hole in the base of the star to loop ribbon through.

On Your Staircase Banister in Place of Garland

We love this fresh take on greenery decorating a staircase banister. In place of traditional garland, try hanging individual wreaths from the banister with ribbons. We suggest using several smaller wreaths (16" or less in diameter) to get this look. Use your favorite decorative ribbon, like our Velvet Metallic Double-Sided Wired Ribbon or our Metallic Starburst Wired Ribbon, to elevate this look.

On the Inside of Your Windows

Photo by Jean Stoffer Design

Bring the outside in! We love the look of wreaths placed on interior windows. Here's a helpful hint - if you want to be able to see a beautiful, finished wreath from the outside instead of a wired back, order double-faced wreaths. These are specially made to cover any wire, and make the wreath appear finished from the front and back.

Where are you hanging your wreaths this holiday season? We'd love to know!

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