Decorating The Cardinal Christmas Tree

Each year we watch our customers adorn their Christmas trees with our Acrylic Cardinal and Dove Ornaments, and each year we get asked if we offer ornaments to complement these. We're so excited to launch our curated ornament collections - The Cardinal Tree collection and The Dove Tree collection - so you can get the look of our designer tree at home!

We're sharing our top Christmas tree decorating tips we've learned over the years - and a few we've learned from our own customers too! If you have a tip we didn't include, feel free to leave it as a comment below so we can add to future posts. 


Light it up

We're partial to faux trees because many of them come pre-lit, and are so easy to assemble! If you're adding lights to your own Christmas tree, here are a few helpful hints. For every foot of height, plan to need 100 lights - a 9 foot tree would need approximately 900 - 1,000 lights. Divide your tree into thirds vertically, and starting at the bottom begin working your way to the top with lights. Wrap lights around branches as they go into the tree to give an illusion of depth. 

Add ribbon

We love the fullness and elevated look that designer ribbon can give a Christmas tree. We always suggest using ribbon with wire, because it's pliable and can be adjusted to keep its shape as you work it around the tree. For draping down your tree vertically, estimate that you'll need 4-5 cuts of ribbon that are slightly longer than your tree is tall. This way, you can give the ribbon body and movement as it falls down the tree.

Top it off

Some people prefer to add their Christmas tree topper as the final decorating step - instead, try adding it before the ornaments. This way, you can secure it to the tree without worrying about knocking other ornaments off, and you'll be able to get the "full picture" of the tree as you continue decorating.

Think big

Start by placing your basic large ball ornaments evenly throughout the tree to fill any gaps your tree may have. We prefer the zig-zag pattern of decorating so your eye always sees continuity. As you continue, add in more decorative large ornaments to add visual interest.

Add your accents

Once your basics have been placed throughout, it's time to add in your smaller, more meaningful ornaments. We sprinkled smaller gold glass ornaments throughout the tree to add warmth, and then brought in our Acrylic Cardinal Ornament in small, medium and large sizes. This pop of red stands out against the classic green Christmas tree, and the different sizes/flying directions make the cardinals appear lifelike and in motion. This would be the time to add in your own heirloom ornaments that make your tree personal.

Arrange your tree skirt

Fake or faux, all trees shed. With all of the primping and adjusting, your floors are bound to need a good vacuuming after this process. Clean up, and then arrange your elegant tree skirt to pull it all together!

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