Artisan Spotlight: Lauren Dunn


At Fig & Dove, we collaborate with artisans across the country to offer one-of-a-kind decorative art pieces to our customers. This holiday season, our collection includes beautiful Lauren Dunn acrylic art pieces

Raised in the Deep South, Lauren’s art “transforms the simple beauty and rich heritage that abounded in the Mississippi delta of her youth into visual form.” She describes the people and places of her childhood as a “heritage full of soul and colorful layers and a culture as rich as the fertile delta soil.” 

Lauren’s fine art career was born from her lifelong dream of being an artist and her “innate need to create.” Each of her pieces is an organic representation of her subject matter with vibrant colors and textured strokes that transform ordinary moments into cherished memories. Lauren describes her “ability to elevate everyday life - an old church, freshly cut hydrangeas, a lovely view” as “the heart of [her] work and the key to her success.”

After a few years of success in making collage art, Lauren began making acrylic pieces and knew she wanted to create a unique nativity set to be a joyful part of her Christmas traditions each year. Her nativity set became a beloved combination of her collage work and acrylic blocks. Since then, Lauren’s Christmas collection has expanded to include angels, ornaments and trees. 

Fig & Dove is excited to carry three variations of Lauren’s acrylic art blocks. Each piece is a timeless treasure perfect to be a part of your family’s Christmas memories for years to come. 

The Acrylic Nativity Set is Lauren’s interpretation of the humble birth of Jesus Christ. Available in small and large, this bright nativity is a unique display to celebrate the joy of Christmas! 

The “Good News” Acrylic Angels symbolize the angel of the Lord announcing the birth of the Savior, Jesus. Not only are these angels unique pieces to add to your Christmas decor but they can also be kept out year round. Available in green, red and blue, each angel is made out of 3/4 inch thick acrylic and is free-standing. 

The Church Blocks are a modern twist on Lauren’s work and add a touch of flair to any tabletop, bookshelf, bedside table, etc. It also makes such a fun, unique gift! The free-standing acrylic block silhouette is printed on 3/4 inch thick acrylic and cut out to the image's shape.

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