Christmas Decor Storage Tips


The new year may be here, but don't rush to put your Christmas decor away! Tradition holds that you should take down Christmas decorations on January 6, also known as "The Twelfth Night." Any earlier or any later and it's unlucky! As we prepare for "The Twelfth Night" and the big clean up, we'll be sharing some of our favorite cleaning/storage tips to ensure your decor stays in top condition.⁠

Make sure all of your soft goods like stockings and tree skirts are properly emptied and cleaned *before* packing away when stains and spots are easier to treat. Check the care label - some require dry cleaning, while others just need to be spot cleaned and lint-rolled to remove those pesky pine needles.⁠

Remember to store these soft goods properly too! We individually bag all of our items to give you an easy and safe way to store in the off-season. There's nothing worse than finding a tiny bug has eaten his way through your tree skirt! 


Organize your holiday decorations into bins by room or area, and label them with the room and all items included. This makes cleaning up this year a breeze, and unpacking for the next holiday season even easier!⁠

We also leave notes in each bin as a reminder of where certain things are placed, how wreaths/garlands are hung, etc. Trust us, your future self will thank you!⁠

Here are a few tips for un-decorating your tree 1️⃣ organize ornaments by size/type to make decorating next year even easier (we often change the color scheme of our trees so some years certain ornaments stay in storage) 2️⃣ ornament storage boxes are a must- with labels on the outside so you’ll know which ones are in which box 3️⃣ wrap your lights around a coat hanger or piece of cardboard to avoid a tangled mess- never put lights in an area that is not climate controlled! You can ensure they won’t work the next year if you store them in your hot attic 4️⃣ check, double check and triple check all of your tree's nooks and crannies to make sure you've removed all ornaments - we've all lost a beloved ornament or two that way!⁠

Finally, if you've ever wondered what to do with all of those beautiful Christmas cards after the holiday, we've got the answer! Our founder Colleen Waguespack keeps cards from her friends and family in a basket in her guest room year-round. This way, it's easy to go through the photos and catch up when friends or family members visit!

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