The Sentiment of The Dove


The dove has been an inspiration and core symbol for Fig & Dove since our beginning. We incorporated it into our name and began our collection using its sentimental meaning, neutral color palette and elegant aesthetic as a guide as we expanded our offerings. 

The Acrylic Dove

A worldwide symbol of peace, each of our best-selling, signature dove ornaments by Louisiana artist Brad Bourgoyne is hand-painted and sculpted to appear in mid-flight. The dove is a beautiful, year-round reminder of the hope that remains no matter how turbulent the storm. We offer a variety of acrylic doves, sold individually or even in pairs or trios. The meaning behind the dove makes seeing our customers incorporate their doves in life's big (and small) celebrations all the more special to us. Seeing them hanging from Christmas trees during the holidays, adorning people's mantels in their homes or being sent as gifts for almost any occasion makes our hearts sing. 

A Reminder of Peace and Hope During Spiritual Seasons

While Fig & Dove offers home decor and thoughtful gifts year-round, a large portion of our collection is designed and curated with the holidays in mind, which are often associated with the liturgical calendar. The dove - a symbol of peace, hope and the spirit of God - makes a wonderful gift for a spiritual occasion, such as a wedding or baptism. They also make beautiful, simple home accessories to reflect on its meaning during spiritual seasons, such as Christmas, Lent or Easter. Display one on your mantel on an Acrylic Ornament Stand or on a wreath on your front door. 


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