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Walls of Wonder

Shop the one-of-a-kind artwork from the
Fig & Dove Nursery 

Acrylic Dove Installation

What could be more fitting for a baby nursery than a peaceful flight of our acrylic doves?  A symbol of peace and hope, the doves are a perfect addition to a baby's room. 

Whimsical Nest Sculpture

This whimsical nest sculpture created by New Orleans artist Kaki Foley features touches of color, small butterflies, eggs and other fun elements.  This eye-catching piece of art can add a three-dimensional aspect to any wall in your home. 

Logan Ledford for Fig & Dove 

Logan Ledford’s minimal, contemporary & textured canvases are a showstopper in interiors across the country. For Fig & Dove, she has created three timeless color combinations that will grow with your child from their nursery to their apartment and beyond.  

Riley Sheehey Watercolor Prints

Northern Virginia artist, Riley Sheehey is well known in the illustration world for pastel watercolor paintings.  We have a pair of giclee art prints,  Around the World and Swans Sipping  framed in beveled oak frames with gilded accents from Ann Connelly Fine Arts.  

Porter Teleo Framed Art

This is a one-of-a-kind, ink wash painting on handmade Japanese rice paper. Every Porter Teleo Archive is hand-painted by artists, making each work unique and a beautiful addition to any home.  The framing is a work-of-art on its own- matte white bamboo by Ann Connelly Fine Art. 

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