Fresh vs. Faux Christmas Trees

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We wish we could make the choice between a fresh Christmas tree and a faux Christmas tree for you - but it’s really all up to personal preference! The smell of a freshly cut tree can evoke memories of years past, but it can also stir up nasty allergies for some people. Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way over the past 20 years, but they are expensive and often bulky to store.

Fresh Christmas Trees

Fresh Is For You If..

Fresh Flocked Modern Christmas Tree Fig & Dove- Christmas is defined by the sweet smell of fresh pine. There are some scents that candles, diffusers and air fresheners just can’t replicate!

- You love the experience of picking your own Christmas tree each year - whether it’s on a Christmas tree farm or at a local retailer.

- You consider yourself eco-friendly. While the idea of cutting down a new tree each year doesn’t seem too environmentally sound, experts have actually found that artificial Christmas trees have a greater negative environmental impact over their life cycle.

Avoid Fresh If..

- Anyone in your family has allergies to pollen or sap. Even though cut trees do not produce either of these substances, it can still cause an unpleasant flare-up.

- You’re worried about your wooden floors. We’ve all heard the horror stories of friends who have had to rip out heirloom wood floors that were water-damaged by leaky Christmas tree holders.

- You travel during the holiday season. Fresh trees require constant watering, or else they begin to brown and their needles become brittle.

A Few Of Our Favorite Fresh Christmas Trees..

- Nothing beats a family visit to a local Christmas tree farm. You can find a Christmas tree farm near you through the Southern Christmas Tree Association or the National Christmas Tree Association. Here are a few local Louisiana tree farms:

• Steele’s Christmas Tree Farm in Angie, Louisiana

• Tiger Branch Christmas Trees in Covington, Louisiana

• Windy Hill Farms in Ethel, Louisiana

• Grant Christmas Tree Farm in Grant, Louisiana

- One of our favorite fresh brands for fresh greenery is Gracious Garlands. Based out of Austin, Texas, this company offers fresh Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and more with FREE delivery in Austin and Nashville, and shipping available nationwide. They’ll even install your tree for you!

- Last but not least.. we hear that this year Amazon will be offering fresh cut trees, delivered directly to your door! We can’t vouch for quality since this is a new product offering, but the ease and convenience of it definitely has us curious about trying it out.

Faux Christmas Trees

Faux Is For You If..

Artificial Christmas Tree Decorating Fig & Dove

- Stringing lights is the epitome of a nightmare for you. Most artificial Christmas trees on the market today come perfectly pre-strung with LED lights.

- You’re low maintenance, or simply don’t have time during the holiday season. Just pull your artificial Christmas tree out of storage, plug it in, and move on - no watering required!- Stringing lights is the epitome of a nightmare for you. Most artificial Christmas trees on the market today come perfectly pre-strung with LED lights.

- You have a tall space you’re trying to decorate. It can be hard to find fresh Christmas trees that are tall enough, but with an artificial Christmas tree you know you’ll always have one that fits on hand.

Avoid Faux If..

- You’re low on storage space. Most artificial Christmas trees de-assemble and fold up to fit in a storage box, but they can still take up a considerable amount of room.

- You switch up your Christmas style every year. Whatever style of artificial tree you choose (natural, flocked, metallic, etc.), you’re wed to it unless you want to invest in another.

- You’re looking to save money. Some of the best artificial Christmas trees can set you back hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

A Few Of Our Favorite Faux Trees..

- King of Christmas

- Balsam Hill

- Frontgate

Happy holiday decorating from Fig & Dove!

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