How to Choose the Right Size Skirt for your Christmas Tree

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We know that deciding on a Christmas tree skirt can be difficult - after all, you’ll be using it for years to come! Our designer Christmas tree skirts come in 3 basic sizes - 30”, 52” and 72” - to accommodate a wide variety of tree sizes and styles. Read on to learn how to choose the right size tree skirt for your tree!

The 30” Tabletop Tree Skirt

We love a tabletop Christmas tree displayed on a table in a grand entrance, or placed on a buffet in a dining room. This size tree and tree skirt are often popular with apartment dwellers, retirees, and those who travel during the holiday season. It’s small enough to put up with ease, but is simple to decorate and brings just the right amount of Christmas cheer to a home! You can find 3’ - 5’ live tabletop trees at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and your local grocers/plant nurseries. View our entire collection of in-stock tabletop tree skirts, and don’t forget the perfectly-sized acrylic star tree topper to finish it off!

The Popular 52” Tree Skirt

This is our standard, most popular size tree skirt because it generally works for trees from 6’ tall to 8’ tall. We recommend measuring the width of the lowest branches of your Christmas tree, and adding 4-6” to determine the appropriate tree skirt size. There’s nothing that makes us hurt more than seeing a beautiful, gracious Christmas tree being “choked” by a too-small tree skirt! Note that if you choose to display a slender Christmas tree, a 52” skirt can be used for trees taller than 8’. View our collection of 52” and 56” tree skirts.

The Gracious 72” Tree Skirt

We are known among designers for our 72” tree skirt, because this large size is so hard to find on the market. Best suited for large Christmas trees taller than 8’, this is the size tree skirt that we use in our photoshoots. As a general piece of advice, your tree skirt should extend 4-6” beyond the widest branches of your tree so that it can be seen without being covered with gifts or low-hanging branches. View our collection of 72” tree skirts, including our new metallic collection.

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  • Posted on by Shelly F. Fallin

    I ordered 2 of your stockings at Hollydays ( with monogramming in gold)… and plan to get 2 more next year. Which tree skirt matches the stockings I have?

    Thank you!

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