How to Stock the Bar for a Party


Holiday party season is in full swing! Celebrating the season with coworkers, friends and family is one of the things we look forward to most each and every year. 

If you're playing hostess (or host!) this year, we've got a few bar-keeping tips to make your evening go smoothly. Don't forget to browse our collection of entertaining essentials for everything you'll need, from barware to serveware and more!

Here's an easy rule of thumb when planning a party - assume 2 drinks per guest during the first hour, then 1 drink per guest each hour after. Easy enough, right?

By the number of guests, here's approximately how much you should buy:

25 guests
Beer: 60 bottles
Wine and/or Champagne: 9 bottles
Hard Liquor: 3 bottles
Mixers: 12 liters

50 guests
Beer: 120 bottles
Wine and/or Champagne: 18 bottles
Hard Liquor: 6 bottles
Mixers: 24 liters

On average, you can assume that 40% will drink beer, 30% will drink hard liquor (don't forget the mixers!), and the other 30% will drink wine.


We love stocking up on a few seasonal and/or local brews for parties, so guests can try something new that they may not normally have! Be sure to have classic beers on hand too - Stella Artois is always a crowd pleaser.

Wine and Champagne

We find that people gravitate more toward red wine in the colder weather, but it's always nice to have a few bottles of white for those who prefer that no matter the time of year! And while champagne is nice, a good sparkling wine or prosecco is just as delicious - and less expensive!

Some local grocery stores (and Costco!) will accept returns on unopened bottles of wine and champagne, so be sure to check when you stock up for your party. Although.. we're pretty sure no host has ever had a problem finishing up leftover wine :)

Mixers and Mixed Drinks

Speaking of mixers, here are the staples to make sure you have on hand:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Club soda
  • Tonic water
  • Classic sodas like Coca Cola, Sprite, etc.
  • Fresh lemons, limes, oranges, etc.

A pre-mixed punch is always sure to please, and you can make it ahead of time! Just remember to keep all of your guests in mind - your husband may not want to carry around a bright pink drink! Here's a list of our top three holiday punches for parties - bulk recipes included!

Cheers, y'all!

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