Curating a Layered Look in Your Home


People always ask how to get the finished look they see in a magazines, and there’s a secret to it.. layers upon layers upon layers are combined to achieve that look. It takes everything from lighting, to artwork, to decorative accessories and fresh greenery - and then some! Start with what you have right now, and build on it. Add in objects you truly love, whether they’re antique or contemporary, and watch your vision come to life.

Today we're sharing three examples of living spaces designed by Colleen Waguespack Interiors - each is different, but each has a unique layered look.

Colleen Waguespack Interiors | Fig & Dove

Recently renovated, the Chi Omega chapter house at Louisiana State University achieves two goals - maintaining and preserving the heritage of the house, while ensuring that it's current collegiate residents feel like they could actually use the house as a home away from home (and yes, that includes napping on the sofas!) 

  • Choose a focal point - the large art above the fireplace mantel, by New Orleans artist Amanda Talley, inspired the color palette for the whole room. By layering in each of the colors from the painting into the room through pillows, accent pieces, and more, the entire space appears cohesive.
  • Create distinct vignettes in a large space - this living room is vast, and could often feel cavernous. Splitting the room up into various seating areas makes the room feel more intimate, and helps make the space more usable for the residents.
  • Edit your collections periodically - the sorority had amassed hundreds of books and curios through the years that overwhelmed the bookshelves. We flipped the books around to create a base on which to highlight several thoughtfully collected and gifted items the chapter owns. This balances the bookshelves, allowing the various objets d'art to shine.

Originally designed as a family's weekend home in New Orleans, this Garden District gem was featured in Garden & Gun in 2017. 

  • Don't be afraid of color - yes, neutrals are "in" right now. But don't let that stop you from exploring your playful side! This family has several young children, and didn't want this space to feel stuffy. Shades of yellow and coral are pulled from the Ida Kohlmeyer painting above the fireplace to liven up the space.
  • Combine old and new - a huge part of creating a layered look in your home is collecting objects that you truly love, and actually will use! The children in this family play board games often, so the antique game table between the windows is just as practical as it is beautiful.

A modern family home in a traditional Baton Rouge neighborhood hits the mark - collected and curated.

  • Create continuity between rooms - all too often, "collected" pieces can look like a glorified garage sale. Weave a common thread - whether it's color scheme or material - throughout your home to help it feel cohesive. This way, each "collected" piece has a counterpart to help balance it.
  • Literally layer pieces, like rugs - a room this large needs carpet coverings to feel finished, but a huge patterned rug would have taken away from other elements. An oversized sisal rug laid beneath a smaller, subtly patterned rug adds warmth and depth to the room without becoming a focal point.

How have you created a layered look in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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