5 Ways to Tastefully Update Your Home Each Season


Seasonal decorating is tricky - you want to update your home for the season at hand, but don't necessarily want to completely overhaul your décor every 4-6 weeks. At the same time, you want your seasonal pieces to complement the style of your home. Trust us, we understand - it's why Fig & Dove was born in the first place (you can read more about our beginnings here)!

Our founder, Interior Designer Colleen Waguespack, is sharing five easy ways to tastefully update your home each season.

1. Change your candle color

Our easiest tip: change your taper candles! Don't be afraid to play with color when it comes to your candles. We love using forest greens and muted browns in the winter, and switching to pistachio green and bright blue when spring comes. Whether you burn them or not, having seasonally-appropriate colored tapers is an easy and quick way to add color to your home.

2. Put something fresh on your front door 

The South is known for its gracious, inviting front porches, so it's no surprise that we take our front door décor very seriously! 

Changing out your wreath, or even just the decoration on the wreath, is a simple way to freshen up the look of your home before your guests even get inside. 

3. Add greenery specific to the season

Fresh flowers and greenery bring life to any room. For spring/summer - our favorite florals this time of year are tulips, calla lilies, and potted hydrangeas; fall/winter - we move to paper whites and cyclamens; all year long, we like to keep orchids and topiary rosemary around the house. If you have more of a brown thumb than a green thumb, look into porcelain flower arrangements flowers - they're investments, but are true works of art! Check out Clare Potter to see some awe-inspiring flower arrangements in porcelain.

4. Replace throw pillows

It only takes a few fresh throw pillows to completely change the look and feel of a room! Build your collection over time, and  have different options for different occasions. Colleen keeps a linen closet stocked with several throw pillow options depending on the season and what the living room is being used for - a pair of Fortuny pillows is perfect for the annual Christmas cocktail party, and a more casual option is the right choice for everyday lounging.

5. Cycle in new coffee table books

Changing up your  coffee table books seasonally is an easy way to add a new look and visual interest, plus your guests will definitely notice! Our favorite new coffee table books of the moment are An Eye for Beauty: Rooms That Speak to the Senses by Beth Webb, The Art of Place: Architecture and Interiors by Lee Ledbetter, and The Intangible by Kerry Joyce.

How do you update your home for the seasons? Let us know your favorite ways in the comments below!

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