Maker's Edition Part 1: The Story Behind the Stockings


As “makers,” we get so many questions about our brand and product. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at our brand, our product, and our process in a series of 3 blogs (this one’s the first!) from our founder, Colleen Waguespack. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how and why we developed this line of luxury Christmas items, here’s your chance!

As a residential interior designer, I found myself being asked year-after-year to help my clients decorate their homes for the holidays. But, more often than not, their Christmas decorations looked out of place next to the high-end items in their homes. After working on custom Christmas items for a few clients, I realized the market for this was bigger than I originally thought. In 2015, Fig & Dove was born!

When we were developing the brand, I realized most of my favorite brands had 2 names. “Dove” seemed to be an obvious choice for a classic Christmas line, because it’s a symbol of peace around the world. After much thought (and pages of random words scribbled down), we stumbled upon “fig.” My parents had a fig tree behind their home, and I always associated them with the start of cooler weather in the South.


Fig & Dove - Colleen Waguespack - Founder and Designer
Colleen Waguespack
Founder and Designer

Favorite Christmas Song: "Do You Hear What I Hear"

Fig & Dove - Virginia Cain - Operations and Finance
Virginia Cain
Operations and Finance

Favorite Christmas Song: "Joy to the World"

Fig & Dove - Cate Brooks - Wholesale and Marketing
Cate Brooks
Wholesale and Marketing

Favorite Christmas Song: "Home for the Holidays"






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