Maker's Edition Part 2: The Meaning Behind the Stockings



Here’s a little secret in interior design - the last 10% of decorative accessories is really what makes a home look beautiful, finished, and well-curated. Those accessories are really what personalize a home, BUT those special objects are often the most difficult to find. Beyond knick-knacks on bookshelves, I truly feel that Christmas decorating falls into that last 10%.

All of the artisans that we launched Fig & Dove with are ones that I knew from the interior design world. Michael Savoia does fabulous custom embroidery work out of Providence, Rhode Island; Fortuny is an Italian-made fabric that my Southern clients covet; and Coleman Taylor’s hand-printing techniques add a modern flair to velvet. Artisan-made pieces aren’t trendy - they’re truly timeless because of the value and care that goes into making them.


You take out Christmas decorations every year, and because of that they have a deeper meaning than most decorative items in your home. People associate Christmas with family, friends, and fond memories. Isn’t that worth investing in? I always urge my clients to choose Christmas items that their children will still pull out 30 years from now. We’ve seen customers buying stockings for future babies, grandbabies, and even their childrens’ future spouses.

Fig & Dove Artisans - Michael Savoia

Michael Savoia

Each design has been carefully crafted in Michael's studio using a variety of embroidery techniques that turn an object into a truly magnificent work of art.


Fig & Dove Artisans - Fortuny

World-renowned for their luxurious hand-made textiles, Fortuny is created in secrecy behind the gates of their century-old Italian factory.

Fig & Dove Artisans - Coleman Taylor
Coleman Taylor

With rich velvet and subtle metallic shimmer, each of these hand-painted designs is inspired by architectural fragments and historic motifs.







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