Maker's Edition Part 3: The Science Behind the Stockings


I’ve always valued quality and workmanship as an interior designer.

It’s the difference between the more expensive bedding that lasts 10 years, and the store-bought bedding that is unraveling after 2 years. It’s the quality of the raw goods and the fabric, but also the quality of the workmanship, that gives products a reason to be labeled “high-end."

During product development, we focused on several key assets to ensure that our stockings were high-end, heirloom-quality items.

We studied countless stockings from several retailers to determine what we liked and didn’t like about stocking shapes, then worked with a graphic design team to create the exact shape we wanted. We weren’t fond of the sock-style stocking and wanted to scale a stocking that was actually big enough to put things in, but not so large that it was impossible to fill. To meet the delicate balance between a boot and a stocking, we paid careful attention to the bend at the back of the heel and the curve in the instep.

All of our stockings are lined, interlined and micro-corded. This is the same process used to make high-end drapery and pillows in the interior design world - which makes sense because the first person to prototype an actual Fig & Dove stocking was a local seamstress who we’ve worked with for years. She’s used to executing high-end interior design projects using designer fabrics and detailing, and brought this method to our products.

Let’s face it - unfilled Christmas stockings look limp and not very attractive. I’ve always stuffed my Christmas stockings with cotton batting before they’re filled to give them some shape, and found that other people loved the idea too. Our foam insert is meant to hold the shape of a stocking before it’s filled for Christmas, and to help safely store the stocking for the next holiday season.

I’ve never been a label person, but I do appreciate subtle branding that elevates a product. We were inspired to create our gold dove pins that adorn each and every stocking as a clear mark of an exclusive Fig & Dove item.








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