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We're based in the South, so of course we're big believers in monogramming everything! We shared proper monogram etiquette with you last year, and now we want to share a few of our favorite monogram examples to inspire you as you personalize your family's heirloom Christmas stockings.

Looking for a traditional three-letter monogram? We do them everyday! What about a more modern two-letter or single letter monogram? We work hand-in-hand with customers and our embroider to make these stockings special. The monogram options listed on our website are only the beginning - no matter what kind of monogram you're looking for, reach out to us so we can explore the options with you!

Our standard monogram style is the classic three-letter style, seen below in Red and Monogram Style Two. We love the combination of traditional Christmas red with a more formal monogram style. To view all of our available thread colors and monogram styles, visit our custom monogram page

It should be no surprise that the most popular thread color we monogram our Ivory Stockings in is gold. A beautiful match to our gold dove pin and Acrylic Stocking Holders with Brass Hooks, our gold monogram adds a hint of richness to our Ivory Stockings - and is one of our favorites on Cream Alpaca Stockings too! Below is an example of our Gold thread shown with Monogram Style One

This is where the fun comes in - we love working with customers on single-letter and two-letter custom monograms. This customer chose to monogram her entire set of seven stockings with a two-letter monogram (first name, last name) using the decorative center font of Monogram Style Two in Evergreen thread - they were beautiful and modern! Other special requests we've had include single-letter monograms using the decorative center font of our custom monograms, as well as stockings embroidered with full dog names in the outside font of our custom monograms - designed specifically to match their owners' monograms! 

The monogram options listed on our website are only the beginning - whether you're looking for a single initial, a full name in script, or even a four-letter monogram, reach out to us so we can explore the options with you! Use our contact form or email us directly.

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  • Posted on by Debi Duckworth

    Hi Colleen!

    Is it too late to get the stocking I bought from you last year monogrammed by you for this year? Would it be better ( faster) to do it here in Houston? Or should I just wait to do it after Christmas this year?

    Debi Duckworth

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