Why a Tassel?


At Fig & Dove, we focus on simple, classic aesthetics. A tassel can add the finishing touch to your home, with color and texture. The Acrylic Decorative Tassel  is a modern version of the traditional tassel that has been used in interiors for decades with their unique color ways and acrylic bead. A bauble, much like a tassel, also acts as an extra, minimal layer to your home décor. Our Two and Four Tier Baubles are hand wrapped in silk-like cording. By adding either a bauble or tassel to your home you can turn a traditional piece to a modern piece! 


Why Decorate With Tassels and Baubles?

Tassels and baubles are great for the holiday season, but can also be moved around year round, which is very important at Fig & Dove. Why decorate with tassels and baubles? Well, tassels are perfect to decorate with because they are a great pop of color. Sometimes, it is hard to find pops of color that go along with your aesthetic, but our Fig & Dove tassels are just the right amount of color. Our tassels can modernize a more traditional, antique décor item. They also add a playful elegance to your home, with their silk- like fringe. 

How to Decorate with Tassels and Baubles

If you are looking for something in your home that can be used almost anywhere, the tassel and bauble are perfect, and here are a few ways we love to style them! During the holidays, they are perfect either on your Christmas tree, aside your other ornaments, or on your stockings, to elevate the look of your mantel. All year round, they can also be hung on armoires, lamp switches, or doors. If you are hosting a dinner party, or want to impress yourself and your family, you can attach them to your napkin rings! Basically, the possibilities are endless with these decorations! The tassel and bauble are available today to shop so you can add the perfect finishing touch in your home!

Shop these tassels and baubles now and add a modern accent to your home this fall season! 

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