Fig & Dove for Bauble Stockings


In the early days of Fig & Dove, customers asked Colleen, our founder and resident Interior Designer, for an ornament-scale stocking. She searched for artisans to collaborate with to create something unique that could become part of a growing collection. In their first year of business, she discovered Kate Stice Stewart and her company, Bauble Stockings, and it was a match! 

Fig & Dove designed a collection of three bauble stockings in 2018 as part of Bauble Stockings' initial launch.  Four years later, Colleen is excited to partner with Bauble Stockings once again to design a collection that speaks to the hearts of both brands and incorporates a unique color palette for the holidays.

The Tradition

Kate created Bauble Stockings as a way to share one of her favorite childhood Christmas traditions. Each year, her mom always received the last gift of Christmas as a thank you for all she'd done that year in a small needlepoint stocking that hung on the tree. “My dad called it her ‘Bauble Stocking’ because it was a bauble, a piece of jewelry. The tradition of brainstorming for this gift with my dad and older brothers was always my favorite part of Christmas - seeing mom's face was an added bonus,” describes Kate. As an adult, she learned that the tradition of the Bauble Stocking was unique to her family and was inspired to bring this tradition to other families. 

A Heart for Philanthropy 

Fig & Dove and Bauble Stockings are committed to making the world a better place. Each Bauble Stocking is handmade by single mothers in Hatti. The financial stability provided to the women has allowed over 1000 stitcher’s children to attend school, making many of them the first in their family to complete high school. A 5% of each Bauble Stocking sale goes to the Joan Rose Foundation in Jacmel, Haiti, which provides meals, tuition, books, housing and various other services to the community where the stitchers live. 

When collaborating with guest brands and artists, Bauble Stockings donates an additional portion of the profit from their design to a charity of their choice in exchange for the artwork provided. With each purchase of a Fig & Dove Bauble Stocking, a percentage of the profits will go to the Emerge Foundation in Baton Rouge and autism research.  Fig & Dove's commitment to The Emerge Center is something we are passionate about because it provides children with autism and communication challenges access to opportunities that will help guide their futures towards independent success. 

The Fig & Dove Collection 

The Fig & Dove for Bauble Stockings collections features four unique stockings: All is Bright, Doves of Peace, All is Calm and Warm Welcome Wreath. The four designs each incorporate our 2022 Holiday color pallet. 

Shop the Fig & Dove for Bauble Stockings collection now and share this beloved tradition with your family this Holiday season! 

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