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A styled front door that reflects the season is an essential part of our Southern culture. With summer approaching, now is the time to get your front door and porch ready!  Our front door is the first thing that guest see when they come to our homes and we want to wow them with that first impression..  Here are some of our go-to items for creating that perfect welcoming look!  
  • When starting any porch project, cleaning is always the first step. Don't grab a broom, grab the pressure washer.  Trust us- it will be worth it and is the closest way to achieve the look of a fresh coat of paint. Don't forget to get your glass panes sparkling on both sides and freshen up the door knobs and mailbox.  
  • `Speaking of mailboxes, a favorite from my designer bag of tricks is to paint the mailbox the same color as the front door. It creates a more cohesive look and can transform a mailbox you bought off Amazon into something that looks custom.   


  • Summer time also means flowers! I love to add potted flowers and plants in two large containers on each side of my front door. I usually like to add a mixture of something permanent like a shaped boxwood or Eugenia as an anchor and then change out the base with seasonal color.  Another designer tip that will keep these thriving all summer long- keep a cute watering can near by. It will also add to the charm.
  • This is also a great time to freshen up your front door with paint touch-ups and a new wreath!  We like to keep a mason jar of our front door paint handy for quick touch-ups.   As for wreaths, we love our faux boxwoods.  They are mold resistant, UV resistant and will last for years to come!  Add a wreath sash and voila.. you are summer style ready!    This week only, we are offering Free Shipping on our Boxwood Wreaths with the code Readyforsummer!  
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