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The beauty in working hand-in-hand with an interior design brand is that we’ve successfully collaborated with artisans and discovered sources through our creative director and founder, Colleen Waguespack’s full-service, residential design practice. This year, our fall collection includes a gorgeous line of complimentary, white-coated, sejnane pottery vessels by Tinja. Colleen and her interior design team first discovered these Tinja pieces at one of her favorite Houston antique shops, years ago, and she is excited to offer this collection of unique beauty and quality to her Fig & Dove customers. 

Who is Tinja? 

Tinja is a brand we are very excited to bring to Fig & Dove. Named after the region in Northern Africa, Tinja is a village in Tunisia located between two lakes that connect to the Mediterranean Sea. The brand is family operated and seeks to weave the story of the Tunisian people and their ancestral heritage into each handmade piece. 

What is the inspiration behind the pieces? 

Tinja is inspired by nature and its relationship with human beings. In the design process, each piece begins with inspiration drawn from the materials, landscapes, colors and impressions of the region and people of Tunisia. The brand seeks to convey not only the craft traditions of the Tunisians but also the “part of the soul men and women infuse into their creations.” 

Why Tinja? 

When asked about Tinja’s design philosophy, Yasmine Sfar, co-manager and designer, described that she seeks “to receive, nourish oneself, and transmit with great kindness” and “create the best while developing something new.” Our brand promise at Fig & Dove is to bring customers elevated home decor that is perfect with purpose. To our team, that means not necessarily adorning homes with more “stuff” but rather building a collection of meaningful keepsakes. 

What Tinja pieces are available in the Fig & Dove Collection? 

Fig & Dove offers two styles of Tinja pottery. The Acanthus collection features a decorative leaf-inspired design on a white-coated sejnane pottery urn and is available in three size variations. The Poppy collection features a pattern of raised points across the exterior of a white-coated sejnane pottery vessel, also available in three size variations. 


How do I style this collection?

These handmade, decorative vessels are unique and effortless to style. Display indoors only and give your living space an elevated, finished look. 

Useful recommendations here:

The low firing temperature makes Sejnane pottery not water resistant

If you want to use a pot as a vase, you must place another container for water inside.

You can clean the pottery with a soft damp cloth or use a mild soap if necessary.

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