Reimagining Fig & Dove’s Nube Ice Bucket


At Fig & Dove, we encourage customers to assemble a meaningful and manageable collection of items that can be reimagined across the home and throughout the year. We assist our customers with this by offering beautiful pieces with year-round functionality. 

Our Nube Melamine Ice Bucket is a great piece that can be incorporated into your home decor multiple ways from season to season. With an artful, sculptural shape and satin finish, it is perfect for chilling champagne or wine, but it can also be used as a vase. We partnered with Billy Heroman's Flowers to create an arrangement to transition from summer to fall in our Nube Ice Bucket. Keep reading for tips to help you make a beautiful arrangement in your ice bucket. 

First, the Fig & Dove team made our flower selections with the help of the Billy Heroman's florists. We chose to keep our color pallet primarily neutral with a pop of dusty pink giving it a pre-fall tone. 

Second, we created a tape grid on the top of our vase. This simple technique will make it easier to position your flowers and give your arrangement a more polished look. A tape grid can be made from floral tape or any clear tape. 

Next, fill your vase with water and add flower food. If you don't have flower food, a dissolved aspirin or lemon-lime soda can also be used to help the flower take in more water. 

Now comes the fun part - arranging your flowers! We like to trim our flowers as we go so we can layer our arrangement and give it height in some areas. Placing your vase near the edge of the counter or table makes it easy to hold each flower up to the side and determine how much should be trimmed. Cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle allows for a greater surface area which will help the flowers take in more water. 

When designing an arrangement, our team's strategy is to work from largest to smallest. We find that this allows us to create the shape of our arrangement and then trim and place the rest of the flowers in a complementary way. Lastly, we add in greenery. Although it seems simple, this is an important step as it fills in empty spots, gives texture and helps the arrangement to have a finished look. 

Watch our Instagram Reel to see the Fig & Dove team create our arrangement or get more inspiration. Be sure to visit Billy Heroman’s to find the perfect flowers for your next arrangement!

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