Back to School with Fig & Dove


The lazy days of summer are coming to an end, and back-to-school season is on the brain. Each year, the start of the school year brings new extracurriculars, backpacks, uniforms, supply lists and cherished first-day traditions. 

It seems every family has unique traditions they’ve developed over the years to ring in the start of a new school year. It is important that even in the midst of a busy season we cherish these moments and create lasting memories for your children to help soothe their back-to-school blues and build tradition. 

We’ve made a list of some of our favorite traditions in hopes of inspiring simple ways to bring fun and family time to the frenzy of sending the kiddos back to school. Whether your child is starting their first year, last year, or somewhere in between, these ideas can easily be modified to fit your family. 

First day picture 

There's nothing sweeter than the back-to-school photos that flood social media every August. Each photo shares the bright faces of children, teens, and college students alike with excitement and hope for the year to come. Although your children may dread the obligatory first-day picture now, in the future the photos will serve as a memento for each grade and documentation of their growth from year to year. 

A Fig & Dove wreath and wreath sash on your front door makes the perfect backdrop for front porch photos. A classic back-to-school or team spirit sash is a timeless accessory for families and teachers looking to decorate their doors for the back-school season. 

Special family breakfast or dinner 

Sitting around the table and sharing a meal creates a natural space for your child to share their anticipation for the new school year or the events of their first day. An annual breakfast or family-favorite dinner is an easy way to ensure there is time to connect with your children before summer comes to a close. Some of our favorite ideas are beignets, pancakes or donuts for breakfast and spaghetti, tacos or pizza for dinner! 

Special after school snack


After a long first day, coming home to a fun treat as an after school snack is a great way to surprise your children. We recommend an ice cream sundae bar with your child’s favorite flavors and a few toppings to make it extra special. Over bowls of ice cream, your child can share with you all about their new friends, teachers and classes. 

Wherever you are, it is likely still hot-out during this time of year. Consider slicing up a watermelon and serving it on a large platter, like our Extra Large Nube Platter. They are sure to enjoy this cool, sweet treat after a hot day on the playground. 

First day gift for their teacher 

Start the school year off on the right foot by gifting a thoughtful gift to your child’s teacher. An acrylic butterfly or dove, candle, nice soap or catch-all bowl makes a great token of your appreciation and well wishes as teachers begin a new school year. 

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