Holiday Tastemaker: Courtney Davey with Tuft and Trim


Kicking off this Thanksgiving week with gratitude towards the many Interior Designers who choose Fig & Dove for their own homes and it is such a treat when our products grace their beautiful Instagram feeds. Our next Fig & Dove Tastemaker is the very talented Courtney Davey, Interior Designer at Tuft & Trim Interiors.

Fig & Dove was originally created to fill the void that existed as designers struggled to find tasteful holiday décor for their client's homes, as well as their own. We are thrilled to introduce our next Holiday Tastemaker, Courtney Davey, Interior Designer at Tuft & Trim. It is always an honor when an Interior Designer chooses Fig & Dove for her own home, and even more of an honor when it graces their beautiful Instagram feed. 

Q & A with Courtney Davey

What is your favorite entertaining secret, trick or specialty during the holiday season?
Lighting. There’s nothing that sets a mood more than the right lighting. Flickering candles, glowing Christmas lights, and dimmed lighting makes the space feel warm and welcoming.

What is your go-to hostess gift?
I love giving yummy scented candles.

What is a recipe your family and friends look most forward to each holiday season?
Every Christmas my grandmother makes Verenika, a traditional German-Russian cheese-filled dumpling served with gravy and ham. Our family looks forward to having it once a year on Christmas Eve. 

What is the one tradition you and your family talk about the most?
While growing up, my 3 siblings and I would always sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve. There was something so magical about falling asleep looking at the glowing lights on the tree and anticipating the excitement on Christmas day. 

What brings you the most joy during the Christmas season? 
Spending time with family and enjoying all the festive traditions like looking at Christmas lights, singing along to holiday music, baking cookies, and Christmas movies! And of course, the decorating!

And finally, what are your Fig & Dove favorites?

The wreath sash is one of my favorites. It’s so elegant and unique. I like to layer my wreaths on mirrors and the wreath sash brings a little extra personality to the space.

The square boxwood wreath is so classic and pairs perfectly with a Fig & Dove sash. I would put it on the entry mirror to make a statement first thing when walking through the door.

Velvet monogrammed stockings are so beautiful and create a personal touch. I hang mine on the fireplace throughout the holidays as part of my Christmas decor. They also look adorable hanging along the staircase with some mixed garland.

Ivory Monogrammed Table Runners dress up any table and create such a chic look. I like to add a centerpiece filled with fresh floral and greenery, along with candles.

Acrylic Stackable Candle Holders work great with centerpieces. I like to scatter them around fresh floral and use different heights of tapered candles to bring dimension.

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