Holiday Tip: Decorate Your Christmas Tree In Layers


It's time to build your best tree yet! 

Each year, so many of you ask how to style the perfect Christmas tree. Following Fig & Dove's 8-step layering method will give your tree a balanced, finished look and make holiday decorating easy for years to come!

Step 1: Add lights!

Once you've hauled in your evergreen or put together your artificial tree, the first step to decorating any Christmas tree is adding your choice of string lights.

"LED lights have come a long way - be sure to find warm white lights, but with LED, you don't have to re-buy every year!" - Colleen

Step 2: Add Large Ornaments

After you add lights to your tree, place your largest ornaments towards the center where you have larger gaps and stronger branches. We used our large Dusted Glass Ornaments.

Step 3: Add Medium Ornaments

For the next layer, we incorporated our medium Dusted Glass Ornaments.

These ornaments capture the magic of the winter season!

Step 4: Add Baubles

Baubles and Tassels are the new home accessory! Our beautiful, two-tier baubles will give your tree a modern look and add the dimension you've been missing. Not to mention, they don't have to be packed away once the holidays are over - add touches playful elegance to any décor in your home with these baubles! 

Step 5: Add Small Woven Bamboo Snowflakes

Our Woven Bamboo Snowflakes were handcrafted by the men and women of The Augusta Training Workshop. The intricate handiwork of each one is a simple reminder of the hands that lovingly weaved each piece and makes a beautiful and meaningful addition to your tree. 

Step 6: Add Tassels

These beautiful tassels are perfect for adorning a Christmas tree. They add silk-like texture and give it a cohesive and finished look.

Step 7: Add some shimmer beneath your Christmas tree

We carry a collection of elegant tree skirts that are meant to blend effortlessly into your homes decor. Place this Gold Grain Tree Skirt featuring a subtle metallic gold grain pattern on a champagne gold background under your tree. It will become part of a treasured holiday tradition in your home!

Step 8: Top your tree!

Last but certainly not least, add a topper to your tree! Choose from Fig & Dove's selection of gorgeous Angels, Stars or Woven Bamboo Snowflakes

Get the Fig & Dove Christmas Tree Look! 

Large Dusted Glass Ornaments (8 packs of 2)
Medium Dusted Glass Ornaments (3 packs of 4)
Two-Tier Bauble - Gold (8 packs of 2)
Small Woven Bamboo Snowflakes - (10 Small Snowflakes)
Decorative Tassels - Cream (4 packs of 6)
Gold Grain Christmas Tree Skirt - We most often use a 72" tree skirt.
Large Woven Bamboo Snowflake 

Quantities based on a 9-foot tree. 


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